Hello, I'm Bill K.

I've trained in many different cuisines from classic French to Japanese, I have worked in many high-end establishments from Michelin star restaurants to Private clubs around the uk, teaching chef the skills and knowledge that I have picked up during my journey as a chef. I currently live and work in Dorset where there is an abundance of amazing ingredients, produce and outstanding seafood, which I love to take advantage of. In my classes I will be taking you through the history of sushi where it began, and teaching you the skills to make the most incredible Japanese food in your own kitchen. Being born and raised in the kitchen closely following my Grandmother and my mother’s foot steps as a chef. At a early age watching my grandmother and mother working together to creating wonderful food on the streets in Thailand, this is where my passion for food began. Watching how their food made people feel so special and happy, I decided I wanted to do the same. What does food mean to me? Food to me is not something that is just on a plate when your hungry, food to me is an unspoken language that we all share with each other, shows us how we feel, where we come from, and who we are. It makes us understand the different cultures and how we can connect with people from all over the world, it creates memories and experiences that we can all share with one another. My aim is to understand all different types of cuisine, from the origin of the ingredients and the method of cookery used. My passion is to have the knowledge to be able to create unique and wonderful dishes using all different types of ingredient from around the world. So please let me ignite your tastebuds with the fantastic flavours from all over the world all in the comfort of your home and join me on my path of food enlightenment.

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