Hello, I'm Jazzi C.

Hi, I'm Jazzi Curley. I am the Owner and Tutor of Devon Cookery School. I'm a professional chef with extensive experience in both cooking and teaching. With a wide range of experience from teaching with the Exeter Cookery School team as well as working alongside accomplished chefs in restaurants such as Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa, and working with private clients for events and during ski seasons in Val d'Isere. My travels have given me a passion for international cuisines, which I am keen to share online with you all at home. I particularly love authentic Thai Cookery & Spanish Tapas to Vietnamese & Mexican Street Food. Instagram: jazzi.eats /devoncookeryschool Website : www.devoncookeryschool.com

Reviews from participants (18)

  • KS

    Cooking with Jazzi is like having a good friend, who happens to be a renowned chef, chat you through preparing a meal that is absolutely delicious. She makes it easy, fun, and so full of "chefy tips." I'm definitely a Jazzi Groupy.

    Karyl/ Paul SJanuary 2021

  • RP

    Fantastic class! Jazzi was a great teacher, very friendly, patient and good at explaining every step. The whole experience was rewarding, even though I'm always a little nervous of being on view/webcam it suited me that the class size wasn't too large either, making it a more personal experience. I really enjoyed making all elements of the dish, the class was well paced and I learnt how to properly cook rice (who knew!) amongst other things. After an hour and half (which flew by) the class was over and my fiancé and I were sat down enjoying a meal neither of us had tried before. I'll be booking on to more classes in the future!

    Ruth PJanuary 2021

  • BH

    Jazzi is passionate, knowledgeable and fun. I'd never cooked Japanese before, and Jazzi made it approachable. A very good instructor, she shared tips, like a novel way to steam rice. Plus, the food was tasty. I'll definitely take another class from Jazzi.

    Barbara HJanuary 2021

  • Nila R

    A brilliant session as ever!

    Nila RDecember 2020

  • HC

    I had the best, festive cookalong with Jazzi! Not only was the recipe super tasty but it's something I can make for all the family! Thanks Jazzi for yet another great evening!

    Hazelle CDecember 2020

  • SW

    Another great lesson with Jazzi Curley, exactly what I needed after a day at work. Great tips and great food. Will be sure to sign up for another one soon!

    Sally WNovember 2020

  • Cris S

    Great class, delicious recipe

    Cris SNovember 2020

  • IS

    Wow what an amazing lesson! It was a whirlwind extravaganza learnt so much and had a great time. Jazzi is a great teacher and the food was exceptional! We sat down to eat it and the whole family unanimously were blown away at how tasty it was, genuinely the best oriental dish I've eaten in this country! Thanks again Jazzi :-)

    Iain SOctober 2020

  • Nila R

    An absolutely packed session. You will learn so much as well as having scrummy recipes!

    Nila ROctober 2020

  • LD

    This was great fun and I learned something new (I always do with Larks Live!) I hadn't been able to get wonton wrappers so made my own - basically just thin pasta squares - I didn't think they would hold together but they were perfect! Very tasty and delicious - a great easy winter supper dish.

    Louise DOctober 2020

  • PR

    The Pico Cacio e Pepe pasta was fabulous and went really well with the stunning Kale, Pomegranate and Pine Nut salad. I had never made pasta before but will certainly do so again! Our children thought it was great as well and definitely would like it again.

    Philip ROctober 2020

  • PR

    It certainly was a Rich Vegetarian Ragout - our kids absolutely loved it and kept saying "can we have more of the meaty bit!" Needless to say we both thought it was fantastic and it was great to learn how to make polenta properly. If we had gone to a restaurant and had this meal we would have been delighted.

    Philip RSeptember 2020

  • BN

    Excellent evening's entertainment. Lovely informal approach. Super cooking tips, esp the one re the lemon grass. Interesting food anecdotes & history!! Tantalising tastes. Thanks, Jazzi from Sligo!!

    Ber NSeptember 2020

  • TK

    Had a fabulous time making this dish. We already love guacamole and pick del gallo from a trip to Mexico last year so adding a few twists to it along with corn salsa and the yummy chicken was like being back in the searing sun by the beach BBQ! It was hoovered up so fast I only managed to get one quick photo but it was utterly divine and will be a new staple on the menu planner!

    Tine KSeptember 2020

  • PR

    The Spanish Tapas class was great! Everything was easy to follow and the result was delicious. Will definitely be making this again.

    Philip RSeptember 2020

  • PR

    What a fantastic risotto! My wife said it was the best she has ever eaten - and I cooked it!!

    Philip RAugust 2020

  • CC

    Fun and relaxing and have a new cooking skill

    Caroline CJuly 2020

  • PR

    The Vietnamese Street Food was delicious - great flavours and textures. We loved it and so did our kids - they wanted more the day after!

    Philip RJuly 2020

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