Hello, I'm Nila R.

Hello Everyone! My name is Nila Ross-Patel, an experienced Indian Cookery Tutor. My mum is a brilliant cook and we both share a passion for cooking. So, thanks to my mum Tara, I can now pass her knowledge from me to you. My parents are from the west coast state of Gujarat. I was born in Leicester in a highly multi cultural society. Leicester boasts Europe's biggest outdoor market which provides an array of fresh food from all over the world. It also has a very large indoor fish market. These markets reflect the diverse nature of the city and a natural progression of this is the ability to carry on cooking highly traditional Indian recipes whilst at the same time developing new ones. Cooking is my passion and very much part of my heritage. I have recently worked at the Exeter Cookery School which was a great part of my cooking life. My online sessions will include a range of Indian dishes many of which originate from the Gujarat State of India which is on the west coast. Gujarat is heavily involved in agriculture so with that naturally comes a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes. I have been to India several times which really has helped with my knowledge and experience of Indian food. As anywhere else in the world, socialising goes hand in hand with food! I hope you will agree that the recipes I share with you are great for not only for yourself but for sharing with others. For a press review of my work by Sue Stoneman of Devon Dining, please click on the Press and Reviews link found at the bottom of the page. My teaching style reflects the various stages of my life - starting from living in student bedsits. So with this in mind, you will be shown hints and tips to help make Indian cooking easier. For those of you who work in education, I have a Certificate in Education and a Geography Degree. I have taught both in Primary and at night class so should you wish to have a tailor made session for your educational establishment, then please do not hesitate to contact me via the Contact Us button. Many of the dishes can be frozen into individual portions. Several can be cooked ahead for reheating or even better, gives you more time to enjoy your glass of wine. So, please join me for what I intend to be a thoroughly enoyable experience. Nila Ross-Patel Instagram: @nilarossfood

Reviews from participants (9)

  • EP

    The session was great fun. Nila was relaxed and made everything easy to follow. Lots of great hints and tips, and the biryani was absolutely delicious!!!

    Emma PNovember 2020

  • LV

    Loved the spinach parathas. We made them again a few days later. Thank you Nila and Larks Live

    Lisa VOctober 2020

  • PR

    The Pudlas and Gujarati Pastries class was great. We made everything in the morning class and then Nila explained how to finish cooking them so we were able to have a fantastic dinner that evening with very little to do. We did cook a Pudla in the class to try there and then - it is like a pancake with very subtle spicing and absolutely delicious!

    Philip ROctober 2020

  • SM

    A most enjoyable lesson, a relaxed friendly teacher giving good clear instructions and making everyone feel included and most important a delicious meal at the end .Will definitely book again

    Susan MOctober 2020

  • SF

    Brilliant evening, fab teaching, amazing food!

    Sharon FOctober 2020

  • RR

    I really enjoyed this class - it was friendly, fun and very informative and Nila gave us clear instructions all the way through. It felt like I was cooking with friends. I had no technical issues, my kitchen smelled wonderful and the food was lovely. Thank you to all concerned!

    Ruth ROctober 2020

  • JE

    I thoroughly enjoyed the evening session with Nila. Her instructions were clear and I liked that she kept us all together. Nila coped very well with someone's technical difficulties and created a nice atmosphere within the group. I was rather over-enthusuastic with dicing my vegetables but enjoyed the useful ideas such as infusing the cooking oil and using grease-proof paper for grinding the seeds. My meal was tasty and I will be more adventurous in the future thanks to this session. Thank you!

    JoanOctober 2020

  • LF

    Another fantastic class with Nila. She is a wonderful teacher and took her time to explain everything very well. The food was so delicious, will definitely be making this dish again!

    Louise FSeptember 2020

  • Sue S

    An excellent session with Nila cooking Tandoori Chicken, Pilau Rice & Cucumber Raita. List of ingredients, equipment & instructions easy to follow. Good pace & delicious meal produced at the end. Tips & tricks picked up about spices & combining flavours in Indian cooking. I will be making this dish again.

    Sue SSeptember 2020

Reviews from class creators (2)

  • Jazzi C

    Thanks love!

    Jazzi CDecember 2020

  • Jazzi C

    Always a pleasure!

    Jazzi COctober 2020