Katsu Curry, Pickled Veg, Steamed Sticky Rice
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Jazzi C
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Katsu Curry​,​ Pickled Veg​,​ Steamed Sticky Rice

Hosted by Jazzi CurleyExeter, Devon

Tuesday 12th January - 18:00

About this class

In Japan it is customary to express thanks for the meal by saying "gochiso sama deshita​,​" which literally means "it was quite a feast." and we hope that at the end of this class you will feel the same! On this course we will be making: Chicken Katsu Curry -A classic amongst many Japanese restaurants. Did you know that Katsu​,​ actually refers to the breaded and fried accompaniment to the curry itself. Quick and easy Pickled veg (Tsukemono): Japanese pickles—known collectively as tsukemono—can easily go unnoticed as part of a Japanese meal. They cleanse the palate and provide piquancy to counter the heaviness of umami-rich foods. We will be pickling ginger​,​ radish and cucumber. Sticky Rice (Gohan) No Japanese meal is complete without Gohan fluffy​,​ slightly sticky rice. Add Dashi and Mirin for an Umami kick! (If you wish to make this vegan or vegetarian then you can substitute the chicken for Firm Tofu ​/​ Aubergine​,​ Sweet Potato. you can use plant milk or tinned chickpea juice in place of eggs. Please contact me upon booking for the recipe) (If you wish to make this Gluten Free then you can use GF Flour​,​ Breadcrumbs and Tamari Soy Sauce)

What you will learn

Japanese Flavouring Seasoning Knife Skills Rice cooking Shallow Frying Quick Pickling

Ingredients needed   Loading document...

Servings : 2

CHICKEN 4 chicken Thighs​,​ deboned​,​ skin off Plain flour​,​ for dusting 1 egg 100g of Panko breadcrumbs salt Rapeseed oil​/​vegetable oil for shallow frying​,​ about 200ml CURRY SAUCE 1 onion 2 garlic cloves Thumb sized piece of ginger 1 carrot Curry powder Garam masala Tumeric Plain flour 500ml of chicken stock Honey Light soy sauce oil salt PICKLED VEG 50g Ginger 100g Radish 1​/​4 cucumber White vinegar Caster sugar STEAMED RICE 300g sushi rice 200ml dashi (optional) * 1 tbsp mirin (optional) *https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shimaya-Bonito-Dashi-Stock-Powder/dp/B009ZWQLKM/ref=sr_1_3?crid=5QKEQHTAEOOE&dchild=1&keywords=dashi+powder&qid=1605795596&sprefix=dashi+po%2Caps%2C279&sr=8-3

Equipment needed

Frying pan for frying chicken Sauce Pan for curry sauce Saucepan with lid for rice A mandolin for thinly slicing veg (optional)

Special instructions

Please contact me if you wish to receive the Veggie​/​ Vegan or GF recipe.

Reviews (3)

  • KS

    Cooking with Jazzi is like having a good friend, who happens to be a renowned chef, chat you through preparing a meal that is absolutely delicious. She makes it easy, fun, and so full of "chefy tips." I'm definitely a Jazzi Groupy.

    Karyl/ Paul SJanuary 2021

  • RP

    Fantastic class! Jazzi was a great teacher, very friendly, patient and good at explaining every step. The whole experience was rewarding, even though I'm always a little nervous of being on view/webcam it suited me that the class size wasn't too large either, making it a more personal experience. I really enjoyed making all elements of the dish, the class was well paced and I learnt how to properly cook rice (who knew!) amongst other things. After an hour and half (which flew by) the class was over and my fiancé and I were sat down enjoying a meal neither of us had tried before. I'll be booking on to more classes in the future!

    Ruth PJanuary 2021

  • BH

    Jazzi is passionate, knowledgeable and fun. I'd never cooked Japanese before, and Jazzi made it approachable. A very good instructor, she shared tips, like a novel way to steam rice. Plus, the food was tasty. I'll definitely take another class from Jazzi.

    Barbara HJanuary 2021

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Jazzi C

Hello, I'm Jazzi Curley.

Hi, I'm Jazzi Curley. I am the Owner and Tutor of Devon Cookery School. I'm a professional chef with extensive experience in both cooking and teaching. With a wide…

Hi, I'm Jazzi Curley. I am the Owner and Tutor of Devon Cookery School. I'm a professional chef with extensive experience in both cooking and teaching. With a wide…

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