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Larks live is bringing the cookery school to your kitchen. Our classes are a treasure trove for foodies. We bring together wonderful, independent professionals from the food and drink industry to share their skills via live, interactive small group classes.

All our classes are delivered online via zoom, meaning that you can join  from the convenience of your kitchen and learn how to make restaurant-quality dishes in your own kitchen environment. We are also  able to offer intimate experiences with industry-leading professionals at  affordable prices.   

During the class, our professionals will cook along live with you, walking  you through every step of the recipe. They are on hand to give  feedback and help. Our classes are designed for home-cooks of all  levels and designed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience,  transporting you from your kitchen into the kitchen of a top professional  - so there's no need to be afraid.

How does it work?

1. Browse and book one of our classes.

2. Pick up the ingredients in advance of the class, if you want to cook-along

3. Join the class via the zoom link that will be sent to you via email

4. Enjoy cooking some restaurant quality food and learning new skills with top tier professionals

5. Enjoy your well-earnt spoils

Our Story

As passionate foodies, the closure of restaurants, cookery schools, and  the cancellation of dinner parties hit us hard. Many incredibly skilled  professionals were put on hold with uncertain futures. We were fed-up  with passive conversations over zoom and wanted to interact and share  experiences with others. So we thought perhaps we could bring the two  worlds together.   

This was the beginning of Larks Live. Larks Live is a treasure trove for  foodies - bringing together the best professionals across the food and  drink industry to share their skills with passionate foodies like us online.  As a team, we came together to build a platform that creates a new  type of culinary experience accessible from home. 

We are in the early days of our story, but we are here to help you learn  to bake the perfect loaf, master a risotto or extend your knowledge of  wines. We hope you find what you're looking for - and if not do let us  know, we welcome feedback to help us become a great place for  professionals and participants alike. 


We hope to cook with you soon.   




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